We belong to Federation Cynologique Internationale

The kennel SweetFeet is registered in the Polish Kennel Club ZKwP under the 7087/S number as well as in the Federation Cynologique Internationale FCI under the 1271/18 number.

SweetFeet jest hodowlą psów rasowych zarejestrowaną w ZKwP
SweetFeet to hodowla zarejestrowana w FCI

ZKwP as the only canine organization in Poland is, since 1938, a member of the International Canine Federation (FCI), established in 1911 and associating 90 countries from 5 continents. ZKwP has 47 regional branches in Poland.
You can find more information about both organisations by clicking on the logos above and navigating to their websites.

Want to buy a purebred dog with a documented origin?

You have guarranty to meet these conditions by selecting a dog from a kennel registered in the ZKwP and in the FCI.

ZKwP is the only reliable source of information about dog ancestors, as it leads the Polish Pedigree Books since 1948.

Breeding belongs to ZKwP / FCI – what does this mean in practice?

The possession of ZKwP breeding entitlements is a guarantee that the mother of the puppy after completing 15 months has received 3 evaluations at least very good from at least 2 cynological judges entitled to assess a particular breed during dogs’ exhibitions, while the father – 3 excellent notes for the remaining criteria as for the bitch. Can you see evaluations obtained by NELA? – please click here.

During exhibitions organized by the theritorial branches of the ZKwP in Poland, judges are obliged to make dogs’ assessments by the pattern of breed approved by FCI (description of the breed pattern can be found in the section: About Breed).

The puppy is equipped with a metric with the stamp of the ZKwP branch. It is an attestation that dog is purebred, their parents have breeding rights and the puppy has been subjected to a breeding review and marking with a chip or a tattoo. In the metric there are the names of the parents of the puppy, his name, nickname, no chip or tattoo, the name and address of the breeder. Only such a metric entitles the owner to request a pedigree.
The metric is also issued for a puppy that is abnormal from the standard of the breed but with “non-breeding” annotation.

In the pedigree, in addition to the data given in the metric, there are data of ancestors up to the fourth generation, the number of entries in the Polish Pedigree Book, the registration number according to the ZKwP branch register and the FCI emblem. The pedigree is exhibited once in a dog’s lifetime. It is necessary to take part in exhibitions, but in no way obligates to issue a dog.

The breeder registered in ZKwP keeps puppies with their mother until they have completed at least 8 weeks of age. Puppies leave the breeding twice dewormed and at least once vaccinated, which is noted in the dog’s health booklet.

Traps to consider when buying a purebred dog

Just set up the canine association or club in Poland – and you can already expose the affiliated members documents of any name (metrics, pedigree, attestation), improving the mood of the buyer of the puppy from the breeding registered in such association, but often only for a short time, because…

… the value of the use of documents issued by an organisation other than the Polish Kennel Club ZKwP belonging to the Federation Cynologique Internationale ends when the new owner of the puppy is handed over.

Each of the above explanations or rules relating to the ZKwP is worth putting together with the analogic information given by the organization to which an unknown kennel belongs.

It may be that we are considering the purchase of a “purebred” puppy with a pedigree that resembles a racial dog, but its genotype is not documented, so it is not known what characteristics of the breed actually owns the toddler. And maybe the metric we get is exhibited on the basis of an assessment of the litter made by a veterinarian, who is not an expert of the breed and because of his profession – did not even need to reach descriptions of the pattern of the breed…

It is not a rule that breeding dogs registered in the ZKwP are more expensive. Puppy can have eg. coat incompatible with the pattern of the breed and for this reason can be pet not for breeding, offered for purchase at a lower price.

In conclusion: if you decide on a purebred dog – check whether the breeding from which the selected pupil originates, is registered in ZKwP (in Poland) and FCI.