Havanese breed

🐕 companion dog, dog for allergy, dog with hair, dog for children, dog for dogotherapy, small dog, dog to small flat, barely barks, always willing to play, dog extremely cute, willingly performs tricks in exchange for “tasty”, loves tenderness, human friend, cat’s 🐈 friend…

… If you so specify the four-legged, with whom you would like to tie yourself to a piece of common life – it is worth considering buying a Havanese dog. What most captivating us in the breed – we present “in a nutshell” by the prism of our beloved NELA.

Since the first meeting with NELA in the breeding, it has become apparent that our family will grow into “daughter” and “sister.” NELA has become a full-fledged resident of our house, a child for me and my husband, a sister to our boys and a friend for the cat ZygZak. Very quickly and smoothly he coed into the rhythm of our hearts, giving each of the household what he needed: cuddiness, obedience, a wild joy to welcome, willingness to play and medicine for life’s sorrows.

The individualism of ZygZak she compensates us with a reference. NELA just loves to be close to his man and we also love it 💓

Just as the representatives of the breed, NELA tolerates the time when he stays at home only in the company of a cat. NELA knows well when and how to repay for a walk, and when it doesn’t make sense because household disappear for longer. Establishing an agreement with the cat came easily and this thread of camaraderie can be seen every day. Together they rest, play in the chase and follow their human fellow inhabitants.

Gallop of joy in the performance of the Havanese, which even after a brief invisibility, rush and welcome each of the household as after a few days of separation – priceless sight! We have one every day and sometimes even several times a day:)

Fortunately, we can say about the impact of NELA on 3 allergy sufferers from our team: it does not exist. However, the term “dog for allergy sufferers”, which is commonly used in reference to Havanese, cannot be treated as an oracle. A few words on this topic – in the sub-tab to this page.

Let’s take a closer look at these miraculous dogs: